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100% Biodegradable & Flushable Nappy Liners

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Disposable Nappy Liners - What Really are They?

Make nappy changes even easier with these 100% bamboo biodegradable nappy liners.
Disposable nappy liners can change the entire game. A nappy liner is a piece of fabric that traps solids while allowing liquid to seep into the diapers. Liners make nappy changes more manageable and have no absorbent function. Liners are the penultimate piece of cloth on the diaper stack, and they are placed right next to the baby's bottom. In addition, liners from Dry Paws are 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Flushable Bamboo Nappy Liners Features

With these 100% bamboo flushable nappy liners by Dry Paws, nappy changing will be even more accessible. Wicks moisture away from bottoms to keep your furbaby dry.

Made from 100% bamboo: The disposable bamboo liners have the unique benefit of being manufactured of PLA (a bioplastic), which dissolves naturally in the environment. In a landfill, PLA liners will decompose in two to twelve months.

Fully biodegradable: When you throw away typical plastic, it could sit for hundreds of years or be incinerated in incinerators, releasing dangerous chemicals into the environment. On the other hand, biodegradable plastic can be disposed of in a landfill and does not need to be burned.

disposable nappy liners

Naturally anti-bacterial: It forms a durable protective layer on fabric, aiding in the fight against odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. So it won't irritate the dog's skin.
Compostable: Biodegradable polymers decompose into a mixture of water, carbon dioxide, and biomass, often leftover plant matter. The environment benefits significantly from compostable liners.

How to Use a Disposable Nappy Liners

Instead of dipping diapers, just flush the waste away and spend more time with your baby. These unbleached, biodegradable, flushable, and disposable nappy liners are made entirely of natural materials. However, because they are biodegradable, you can compost them. You can also discard them. When you're not at home, they make changing cloth nappies a breeze. You won't have to bring a poo-filled nappy home if you use them.

disposable nappy liners

To use, simply place it inside the diaper as the layer closest to the puppy's skin. Anything solid stays on top, making it simple to remove. Liquids are able to pass right through. Simply remove the liner and discard it when changing the nappy.

Why Do You Need Disposable Nappy Inserts?

It makes sense to use disposable nappy liners to make cleaning up solid material a little easier, but why would you want to use a liner as an added barrier? There are a lot of compelling reasons to do so.

They're made to catch solids and act as a barrier between your baby's bottom and the nappy's inner layer. This makes cleaning and removing solid waste from the reusable diaper a breeze. Flush solids down the toilet at all times. You can flush the flushable nappy liners by Dry Paws. This is significantly easier if you use a cotton nappy with a liner. To eliminate the excrement, simply spread the toilet liner over it. Biodegradable liners should be composted or thrown away.

disposable nappy liners

Rash creams and balms can be used with the cloth nappies, although they can affect the absorption of the nappy insert because they function as a barrier. Therefore, we always advise using a liner while using nappy creams or balms to protect the nappy.

Setting up your cloth nappy liners ahead of time for daycare, babysitters, or families can make using cloth nappies even easier. This entails fine-tuning the leg closures and layering inserts for a proper fit.