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6 In 1 Puppy/kitten Breeder Bowl

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It can allow six dogs or cats to eat food or drink water at the same time, and you can save much space. This product is perfect for a family with many pets or without too much space. The special design allows enough space for many cats to feed, Each cat has its own bowl, preventing food competition. the bowl adopts the environment-friendly PP to make, which is high-quality for pets while it is accessible to wash easily. Suitable for food and water.

Cat Feeding Bowls -  Why Do You Need One?

It's very adorable to have numerous kitties in the house. However, while staring at their faces can be wholesome, it can also lead to disaster. Avoid anything else; simply feeding them might be difficult. Our cat feeding dishes will be ideal if you have many cats. This six-in-one bowl is excellent for connecting your kitties. It allows six dogs or cats to eat or drink simultaneously while conserving space. This device is ideal for confined locations. Each cat has its bowl, which prevents food fights.

About this item

  • 6 Meal cat bowl.
  • Kitty Dishes are perfect for feeding litter.
  • The special design allows enough space for many cats to feed, Each cat has its own bowl.
  • Preventing food competition.
  • Multi-Cat bowls are Dishwasher-safe and Easy-to-clean: made with durable plastic.
  • Suitable for food and water.

Types of Water & Food Bowls for Pets

There are several pet bowls available in the market. Everyone serves different purposes. Look here to find one for your cat.

Tilted Bowls: Tilted cat bowls are a little slanted, as the title implies. This bowl style is ideal for those who have orthopedic problems that prevent them from safely bending or kneeling.

Raised Bowls: Raised bowls eliminate the tendency of vomiting, splashing food. It is good for cats. 

6 in 1 bowl: Our bowls from DryPaws can feed 6 cats at the same time. It has enough space for the cats, so they can eat peacefully. Also, these bowls can be used as food or water bowls. 

Which Type of Bowl Does Your Pet Need?

Always use a dish with a shallow side. Cats may be bothered by high-sided bowls because their whiskers must twist to fit in the dish.

Look for delicate material. The bowl is made of eco-friendly PP and is high-quality for cats while also being easy to clean. It is perfectly safe to eat and drink.

Purchase a raised one. It aids in the prevention of vomiting.



Litter feeding is made easy with Kitty Dishes. The innovative design allows numerous cats to eat at the same time, with each cat having its own bowl and keeping the competition in the kitchen at bay. Dishwasher-safe and simple to maintain, The Multi-Cat bowls are durable plastic. Last but not least, we offer complimentary shipping and returns. In addition, none of our products has been subjected to animal experimentation.