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Dry Paws™

Calming Pet Bed

Fabulous investment

"I have 4 of these beds and my Dogs & Cat absolutely love them. I love that I’m protecting my dogs joints from the hard ground & they are washable and have replaceable parts. "

- Klaudyna M.

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Original price $128.00
Original price $128.00 - Original price $206.00
Original price $128.00
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$52.00 - $135.00
Current price $52.00
Color: Gradient Grey
Size Chart

Small 60x30cm

Perfect for small dogs


Medium 80x60cm

Perfect for medium dogs

(6 - 10 KG)

Large 100x70cm

Perfect for large dogs

(11 - 36 KG)

Extra Large 120x80cm

Perfect for the super sized breeds

(37 - 80 KG)

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Your furbaby's exciting, safe family adventure continues at home with Dry Paws Calming Pet Bed.

See how Dry Paws makes sleeping that much better for your furbaby.

"Our Groodle Teddy LOVES his Dry Paws calming bed ! We have bought 3 of these beds already and placed them all around the house. The second he is on it he lies down and curls up snuggly. The bed instantly calms him, he's happy, and so relaxed. It’s so soft and fluffy and plush.

He goes over and licks it when he needs to relax or if he is anxious, and large fits him perfectly. We found it very easy to wash and put together again.-

Marisa w.
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Why you & your furbaby will love sleeping with Dry Paws™ Pet Calming Bed!

Why you & your furbaby will love sleeping with Dry Paws™ Pet Calming Bed!

🐶 Ultra-soft new washable removable cover for hygenic, easy and quick cleaning while stopping your bed traping odours.

🐶 Light and easy to take on trips so you can take your Dry Paws calming pet bed everywhere your goes.. Helping in those stressful situations and new environments.

🐶 Super plush raised rim which also aids sleep giving your furbaby a soft pillow and a protective barrier. Your furbaby will love their new sense of security ensuring an anxiety free sleep every night.

🐶 Unrivalled long-lasting, durable quality where you’ve probably seen other cheaper, lower-quality unwashable or lowquality filling dog beds. At Dry Paws, we prioritise quality and created a durable bed designed to last for years with your smelly baby.

🐶 Incredible comfort and joint protection while your pup rests comfortably at night. Our Pet Calming Bed is designed with ultra soft vegan faux fur and extra padding ... For pups, it's like sleeping on a cloud, minimising the impact on your furbabies joint's and hips.

Our 14-day Anxious, Destructive Dog Guarantee

Our 14-day Anxious, Destructive Dog Guarantee

We're so confident your pup will love our NEW Pet Caliming Bed, we're offering a 14-Day Sleep Trial For Your Destructive Anxious Dog on all calming pet beds in your order for just $9.95.

Option available in your shopping cart*

If your dog doesn't take to the bed and destroy's it within the 14 day period we will replace the bed... and that begins the day your pet bed arrives.

Try our Calming Pet Beds today with confidence.

Your Pet Deserves An Ultra Comfortable Nap or Nights Sleep

Your Pet Deserves An Ultra Comfortable Nap or Nights Sleep

Just like you, dogs love to rest in comfort and style!

Durable, machine washable, and designed to handle your smelly furbaby while helping them feel protected from danger. Saving you a lot of time and money constantly throwing away chewed up, dirty dog beds due to stress and anxiety!  

Let your fur-baby sleep in ultra comfort, confidently anytime and anywhere!

Make their new home experience comfortable & safe!

Often a puppy will chew their dog beds if they’re overly stressed, scared, anxious or unwell. If it's not from Dry Paws™, be very cautious how other pet beds on the market may not be the right option to help your furbaby sleep better 👇

Like people, dogs experience anxiety.

Anxiety occurs when a dog experiences stress or fear. If your dog is anxious, you’ll notice them panting, shaking, or drooling. Your dog may also be unable to sleep well or eat much either. Anxiety can even lead to physical reactions, such as vomiting and diarrhea in some cases.

Anxious dogs will cry out for no reason and cower when approached by their owners or even destroy things and lash out.

Imagine sleeping on a hard floor every night. It’s uncomfortable, and you ache when you wake up in the morning. You’d likely purchase a mattress so that you could ease your daily discomfort. Dogs are no different, and a dog bed has the same effect as a person’s bed.

Stress, fear, pain, or fatigue will often contribute to a dog’s anxiety. Because of this, your dog’s sleep environment can harm their anxiety levels. A bad-quality bed will exacerbate the negative feelings they already experience because it’ll amplify their discomfort.

A poor-quality dog bed is also more likely to harbor dirt and hair, which can irritate your dog’s skin. An irritated dog will feel itchy, causing them to scratch excessively. This will create even more problems.

Dry Paws™ pet beds are designed to be durable, ultra-plush and stay firm for longer. Our washable, removable anti-slip cover helps minimise hygeine and other issues that other pet beds may pose to your new family member.

Help reduce your fur-babies destructive behavior today!

Help reduce your fur-babies destructive behavior today!

Poor sleep can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems for your furbaby including destructive behaviour. If your fur-baby is suffering from anxiety, he or she may act out often. Dry Paws super soft, luxurious faux fur Calming Pet Bed helps alleviate anxiety in your loved fur friend by providing a nest that replicates the feeling of a soothing mothers touch. You'll even find them suckling on it, which is an stress releiving behaviour anxious dogs just love!

Removeable, Machine Washable Cover

Removeable, Machine Washable Cover

Completely machine wash/dry safe and extra-durable, cleaning this washable calming pet bed is simple, fast, and effective.

More importantly, with regular maintenance, it won't retain odors or stains!

Our customers just love seeing improvement in their pets hygiene while maintaining a clean home smell free from dirty dog bed odour.

Made from super soft cruelty-free faux fur

Made from super soft cruelty-free faux fur

Our luxurious super soft faux fur is completely vegan friendly while the extra padding inside the beds let your furbaby feel like their sleeping on a cloud.

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