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Cat Couch Corner Protectors

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Cat Scratch Couch Protector - Days of Your Tension are Gone

You adore your cat, but he always scratches the sofa at home, which causes you concern. This cat scratch couch protector shows up and solves all of your concerns. It is quite useful and practical. It blends in wonderfully with the sofa's transparent hue. Simple to assemble and disassemble. Don't let your cat destroy your valuable furniture any longer!

Why is Dry Paws Cat Couch Protector Unique?

Cat couch protectors are of high quality, flexible, and long-lasting. It's thick enough to protect your furniture from scratches while being flexible enough to bend over the contours of your furniture. Stop your cat's claws from tearing up your furniture.

Our cat furniture protector is constructed of clear non-toxic vinyl, furniture protection from cats that are safe for cats and humans. Safe and friendly to the environment.

Furniture scratch guards are nearly inconspicuous and fit in with the furniture, protecting your cat from clawing and scratching. It will also not detract from the beauty of the couch.

Furniture scratch guards can be used on any upholstered piece of furniture. This product can protect your couch, chair, carpet, or love seat from cat claws.

There are two sizes available. The dimensions are 14*30 inches and 14*30 inches. There are two pieces per pack. With this translucent cat furniture protector, you can effortlessly cover more areas of your sofa.

It only takes a few seconds to paste. It's very simple to protect your furniture from scratches!

Cat Scratch Couch Protector - Tips to Keep Them Away

You can always use a cat scratch couch protector to protect your furniture. But here are some basic actions to keep your cat from ripping your furniture to shreds while still allowing them to engage in normal and healthy scratching behaviors.

When selecting scratching posts and pads for your cats, keep the four S's in mind:

Shape: Your cat doesn't just desire posts and pads that stand straight (vertical) but also ones that rest flat (horizontal) and even diagonally. Cats need different angles for stretching and scratching, so give your cat options.

Stability: Check that cat towers are solid and stable and that wall-mounted scratching surfaces are securely fixed.

Size: Any poles and towers you acquire for your cat must be tall enough to get a good stretch going to use these to help with their stretching activities.

Surface: It is also crucial to provide your cat with tactile scratching surfaces. Many cats enjoy scratching on sisal rope or cloth, cardboard, and even bare wood.

Place the structures and surfaces you want your cat to scratch in areas where they spend the most time, and your cat will be significantly more inclined to use them.

Similarly, if you don't want your cat scratching a specific piece of furniture, place an enticing post or pad directly next to it, so your cat has a better choice.

Product Features:

  • Our high-quality furniture protectors are designed to keep your couch free of cat hair, claw marks, and even stains. Made with a combination of durable materials, including felt and leather, they will blend seamlessly into any room. Plus, they are incredibly easy to install.
  • If you have a jaguar-like tabby or a curious kitty, chances are your couch needs some repair. This product is the perfect solution to prevent cats from clawing up our furniture.
  • This cat couch corner protectors material is Stable, made from premium quality beech wood. Design with adhesive tape, easy to install and remove without any tool. Do not need to worry about your cat scratching the sofa surface.
  • These corner protectors are a great way to protect your couches from unwanted cat scratching. They can be hidden and protected by the couch cushion or left exposed for cat scratching.

Product Specification:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 14X30CM or14*40CM
  • Color: Transparent