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Premium Collapsible Dog/cat Bowls for Travel

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Portable Collapsible Dog Bowl - A Piece of Love for Travel Dog Owners

If you're traveling with your dog, you'll need collapsible dog bowls. If you're taking your dog on a trek or a road trip, make sure he can drink water and eat food without creating a fuss or wasting resources. Collapsible dog water bowls are convenient to take with you since they fold up to save space in your backpack and are usually constructed of easy-to-clean materials that you can simply rinse or wipe clean.

This travel dog bowl is a traveler's best buddy, allowing you to effortlessly feed and water your furry friend while away from home. But, of course, you want the best for your beloved canine companion, just as any other dog owner would. That is why we suggest dry paws' collapsible dog bowl, which is constructed of high-quality flexible Food-Grade silicone. You may attach it to your bag, purse, dog travel cage, dog training leash, or fold it flat to fit in your pocket, stroller, glove box, and more.

Features of Dry Paws Portable Dog Bowl

This is the ideal pet accessory dish for travel excursions with your dog or puppy. You can use this folding bowl to serve your dog food and water on the go, thanks to its portable and accessible design. Then, simply fold down when you're finished so you can enjoy your walk together and make more memories. The following are some of the excellent features of our collapsible dog bowl:

  • Every Pet Water Bowl includes a carabiner for attaching to a belt, bag, or pet lead, making it ideal for traveling with your dog or cat's water or food bowl.
  • The dog or cat portable dog bowls are made of high-quality flexible Food-Grade silicone, 100% Lead-free, BPA-free, and safe for pets.
  • Two sizes are available - 350 ml, 1L. The bowl has three states - flat state, medium folded state, fully pulled state.
  • Pop-Up and fold away this collapsible dog and cat dish, which carries up to 350 ml/1 liters of water or 1.5/4.2 cups of pet kibble.
  • The foldable bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Instead of growing moldy and smelling in the rear of a training bag with your other accessories, you may carry this bowl upright in the fresh air to dry after feeding.

Collapsible Pet Bowl Specifications

The Dry Paws' Collapsible Dog Bowl is a non-slip, environmentally responsible choice for feeding and refreshing your dog while on the go. Because it doesn't easily collapse, it's an excellent bowl for any dog size. It's not only impossible to mistakenly collapse when it's full of drink or food, but it's also tough enough to withstand a drop without breaking.


  • Size - Flat state: 5.1 in x 0.7 in, medium folded state: 5.1 in x 1.3 in, fully pulled state: 5.1 in x 2.1 in.
  • It is made with high-quality flexible Food-Grade silicone,100% Lead-free, BPA Free.
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack) - To avoid cross-contamination and the spread of germs, always wash pet goods after each use for proper hygiene.
  • It is lightweight, so it is easy to carry. You can even clip it to your dog's collar. 
  • The material is safe for your pet. 
  • Travel carabiners are included in the Bowls. It may be clipped or collapsed to your backpack, purse, dog travel crate, or dog training leash, or it can be folded flat to fit in your pocket, stroller, or glove box.


FAQ on Dry Paws Collapsible Dog Bowl

We've compiled a list of some of our consumers' queries about our collapsible dog bowl. We attempted to be as specific as possible in our responses so that you could make an informed decision.

Will The Collapsible Bowl Stay Up At The Floor? 

Yes. We all know how thrilled dogs can get when they're outside. So we developed this bowl non-slip with that in mind. With our bowl, your dog can eat or drink while having fun.

Is It Safe For Your Dog?

This reusable container is manufactured from high-quality flexible food-grade silicone that is BPA-free. As a result, you may rest confident that when your pet eats or drinks from one of our collapsible dog bowls, they are as safe from toxins as if they were eating from a ceramic or stainless steel feeder.

Is It Safe To Microwave Silicone? 

Yes, in general. Microwaving silicone is not a bad idea. It won't harm the silicone tableware or release any harmful chemicals.

Silicone's high-temperature range is between 400 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit (about 204 to 232 degrees).

As a result, the cooking temperature for silicone in the microwave should not exceed 200 degrees.

"How do I make sure the temperature doesn't go above 200 degrees?" you might be wondering. "I only see options for low, medium, and high."

You can rest easy if you're using a traditional microwave oven because it only gets items to roughly 212°F (100°C) on high.