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Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe + Towel

"This towel is fantastic, it saves my car seats from getting wet and sandy when we go to the beach or park, I would throughly recommend this product for any four legged fur baby 🐾🐾"

-Evon Carter

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Color: Velcro Gray

Experience a better way today.

Try it now with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all dog towels.

Size Chart


Puppies, Kittens, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle etc


Growing Puppies, Cats, Corgi, West Highland, White Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Poodle etc


Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Kelpie, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier



Labrador, German Shepherd, Greyhound, Golden Retriever etc


Alaskan, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Great Dane etc

Size Chart measurements in photos above!

Long Description

Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe with Towels - Drying Off Your Pup

Even the most patient and loving dog owners eventually come to despise the iconic wet dog odor, which often permeates the air after baths or pool dives. The most accessible approach to avoid unpleasant odor is promptly and thoroughly dry your dog. Dry paws provide an exclusive, fashionable dog bathrobe line that will help you save time drying the dog. In addition, it is highly absorbent and breathable, ensuring that your dog will not acquire a cold.

The back of the dog towel robe has an adjustable Velcro fastening for convenient opening and shutting. An efficient design that provides a secure fit and better suits your beloved pet.


Is a Dog Towel Robe Really Necessary?

When they are wet, most dogs – even those who adore bath time or swimming – have a panic attack. Many dogs will jump out of the bathtub and rush to the nearest piece of fabric or carpet they can locate, feverishly rubbing their bodies all over it.

So, no, your dog does not require a towel. However, if you don't use one, you'll have to check every other piece of cloth to see if it's damp.


Aside from safeguarding your linens and other belongings, there are several other reasons to provide your dog with his towel.

Sharing a towel with your dog is generally not a good idea. Unless you wash your dog's towel after each bath, it will eventually develop a lingering dog odor.They're about the same price as a human bath towel. You'll have to give your dog his towel since you don't want to share a towel with him. However, an economy towel from your local big box store will cost about the same as a pet towel, and towels produced expressly for your pet's fur will function better and last longer than towels made for humans.Most pet towels dry rapidly. High-quality pet towels are usually easier to wring out, even if they hold more water than conventional terry cloth towels. Of course, they won't be totally dry after that, but they should be dry enough to keep without wetting your dog's kit bag.Traditional towels absorb less water than good pet towels. Because your dog's hair holds a lot of water, most standard towels will rapidly become wet.


Why Dry Paws Dog Towels are Special for Your Puppy?

Are you concerned that your dog will develop a cold due to not drying its coat correctly after a wash or shower? The dry paws dog towels will save you time after a wet day bath, shower, or walk by preventing them from becoming chilly or smelly. Our dog bathrobe can also be used as a towel for your dog. It also has some cool features.

🐶 Super absorbency: The Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe is made of delicate, breathable polyester that absorbs water rapidly and may be used as a towel to dry your pet's fur or as a bathrobe, coat, or nightshirt to keep warm and comfortable.

🐶Velcro Strap Design: The dog towel has adjustable Velcro fastening on the back for simple opening and closing. An efficient design provides a snug fit and better fits your beloved pet.

🐶Multi-purpose Pet Covering Cloth: Pet bathrobe, pajamas, towel, and a warm coat in one.

🐶Two Ways Of Wearing The Collar: Collar that can be cranked up or down, adjusts to your pet's neck diameter, and won't suffocate your pet.

🐶Easy To Clean: 
The dog towel is machine and hand washable and can be blow-dried for easy cleanup, and it is made of skin-friendly polyester for durability.

🐶 Reusable Bathrobe: You can keep your pet towel in your car or use it at home. Your sofa, carpet, automobile, bed, floor, and chairs will all be protected.

🐶 Sizes Available:Five sizes are available to fit small, medium, and large dogs and cats. The circular chest and neck can be adjusted for optimum protection of the pet's body.

Dog Towel Robe - Specification that Suits Your Dog Great

The dog towel can keep your pets warm, comfy, and dry by rolling around on the carpet, thereby protecting them from the cold. Before purchasing, please measure your dog's back length and select the appropriate size based on our recommendations to avoid going too big or too small.

Why you & your furbaby will love exploring with it!

Why you & your furbaby will love exploring with it!

This lightweight, multi-season super absorbent dog bathrobe and towel will change your perspective and experience when adventuring with your furbaby! 

🐶 Super absorbency, fast drying wrap around design for protection from messy spray, groomers just love it!

🐶 Strong velcro strap design for a secure, comfortable fit

🐶 Adjustable in size according to your best friends chubby or athletic waistline

🐶 Multi-purpose pet bathrobe keeping your fur-baby warm in winter & dry in summer!

🐶 Machine washable & easy to clean

Sick an tired of that wet dog spray?

Sick an tired of that wet dog spray?

Save your home, car and you from that wet, smelly dog spray!

Use it before and after a trip to the beach, bath, grooming centre or just on walks during those colder days. The fabric will dry your dog faster and our wrap-around design helps them "shake it off" without the water wetting you, your car or your home.

👌 Highly absorbent and odour controlling
👌 Easy to wash after use
👌 Comfortable snug velcro fit for chubby or athletic furfriends

Saves the carpet, tiles, furniture, home and you from smelly, wet dog spray today!

Do you struggle to dry your wet, cold smelly best friend?

Do you struggle to dry your wet, cold smelly best friend?

Now, you don't have to be worried about your dog flicking mess everywhere while potentially catching a cold after a bath or shower because they didn't dry their coat in time.

Saving you a lot of time, allowing you to enjoy your trip while doing it all single-handedly!  

You'll quickly find out why grooming centers are purchasing our multi-packs fast and cutting their drying time in half.

Make their experience comfortable & warm

Make their experience comfortable & warm

Dry Paws Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe can be used as a towel to dry your pet's fur or as a bathrobe/coat/nightshirt for warmth and comfort. 

Whether you're both out for a quick walk in the wet or having a full blown day out the beach, Dry Paws dog bathrobe is designed to be adjustable in size.

Comfortably fitting your best friends chubby or athletic waistline while keeping them dry.

The exciting adventure begins by putting on our multi-purpose dog bathrobe.

Just see how your furbaby will react when the dog bathrobe comes out to play!

"Very happy with purchase. Well made. We use it twice a week. Our dog is a therapy dog and she wears it in the car. When she "gets dressed" she knows she is going in the car and gets very excited."

Megan Flood
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Super Absorbency

Super Absorbency

Made from soft, breathable polyester that absorbs water quickly, this pet bathing suit will help you save more time caring for your pet after a rainy day bath, shower or walk to avoid them getting cold or smelly.

Limited Edition Yellow Wrap around

Limited Edition Yellow Wrap around

Featuring velro on the front and a traditional bathrobe wrap around waistline, our limited edition bath robe is perfect for those extreme dogs on their way to karate class ... or just sipping on a puppacino after an endugent expereince at the hot springs.

Velcro Strap Design

Velcro Strap Design

The Dry Paws pet bathrobe comes with adjustable Velcro fasteners on the back for easy opening/closing. A very convenient design that offers a comfortable fit and better suits your pet. Non-sticky and adjustable in size according to your pet's waistline.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean

Made of skin-friendly polyester for durability, it is machine and hand washable and can also be tumble dried for easy cleaning.

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