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Anti-splash Cat Litter Box

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Enclosed Cat Litter Box - Odor-free, Anti Splash Litter Box for Cats

Want the top-quality enclosed cat litter boxes for your furry buddy? Contact us NOW! As a cat owner, you are certainly aware of how picky your cat can be when it comes to new products such as bedding or litter trays. It may take some time for them to acclimate to new stuff around the house. You're guaranteed a neater, more pleasant time cleaning up after your feline with just the greatest pet sanitary products to pick from.

Our Cat Litter Box’s Features

Dry Paws' enclosed cat litter box can be a lifesaver because of its isolating odor feature. But it's not the only one! Other amazing features are - 

  • One of the safest plastics, Polypropylene (PP), is used in this product.
  • This litter box is appropriate for cats of all sizes and breeds. The spacious cat box allows the cat to flip freely and live a comfortable lifestyle, while the semi-enclosed room protects the cat's privacy and is appropriate for kittens and older cats.
  • The fully enclosed design and detachable frame keep the smell and the cat from bringing litter to the floor.
  • The cat litter box's simple interior structural design allows for easy self-cleaning and scooping, and the nonstick coating decreases adherence.
  • The box's high border prevents cat litter from leaking out. There is no rubber seal between the box's rim and the box.
  • The shell-like construction prevents rubbish from tracking and urine from overflowing.

How to Train Your Cat to Use an Enclosed Litter Box?

Covered cat litter boxes in Australia are fantastic for reducing bathroom odors, but they can be scary to your cat. To overcome this apprehension, you must train them. Use a target stick or a clicker/target stick combo.

  • Begin by removing the lid of the litter box, leaving only the pan of litter in place. Use the target to entice your cat to enter the litter box. Click, then offer them a reward with a spoon.
  • Redirect your cat's attention away from the litter box. Treat with a click.
  • Put the litter box lid on. For the time being, do not utilize the flap. Direct your cat's attention to the litter box. Treat with a click.
  • If applicable, add the flap in and target your cat in and out of the box while clicking and rewarding with a treat after a few times of going in and out without the flap.
  • It's best to have a second litter box with only the pan and litter until your cat is trained to use the hooded box.

Why Choose Cat Litter Box from Dry Paws?

DryPaws’ enclosed kitty litter box is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the litter box's detachable frame and fully enclosed construction, the stench and cat's litter are kept out of the house. We provide completely secure online buying. Last but not least, Free shipping and returns all over Australia! Furthermore, none of our products has been subjected to animal testing. If you're looking for something else, check out DryPaws.