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Extra Poo Bags for The Foldable Pooper Scooper

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Do You Really Need a Poop Bag

If you have a dog, it will defecate, and you will have to clean it up somehow. No matter how cute your dog is, cleaning up after a walk will always be nasty, so you'll want to make the process as quick, easy, and sanitary as possible. And dog poop bags can help you accomplish just that.

You may believe you can leave dog poop in your own yard, but understand that it does not simply dry up and disappear but is swept away by rain, infecting runoff and, eventually, the water supply. It has the potential to bring extra nutrients as well as hazardous microbes such as parasites and coliform bacteria into rivers, streams, and groundwater. So it's really harmful to everyone and everything.

 doggy poop bags

No Leakages. No Tears

The most important function of a decent poop bag is to keep your pup's waste contained with no leaks or tears. There will be no dripping. There will be no tears. Do you require proof? Fill the bag halfway with water. It's not going to make it. Poop and even bacteria will be hard to pass through as a result.

doggy poop bags

Compostable - A great way to make an ongoing difference

It's a biodegradable dog poop bag. It takes three to six months to decompose. This is significantly faster than synthetic equivalents, which can take decades. DryPaws offers one roll of doggy poop bags with each of our poop scoopers. In addition, extra poop bags can be purchased. Each packet contains six rolls. There are two different sizes available.

doggy poop bags

Why Use Poo Bags?

If you have a dog, it will poop, and you will have to clean it up somehow. It's simple, sanitary, and quick with our dog poop scooper. It also comes with biodegradable trash bags. It is the most environmentally responsible product available while shielding your hand from the poop bag's warm, sticky touch. The bags can be purchased individually.

Pet Pooper Scooper with Bags - Extra Poo Bags for Your Puppy

Our 100% Biodegradable Waste Bags Do The Jobs, You Hate!

And the best part is, Every plastic bag we keep out of landfills matters.

  • Gone in a landfill in 3 months
  • A great way to make an ongoing difference
  • Every bag makes a difference

Bag Size:

Small: 14cm x 11.5cm

Large: 19cm x1 5.5cm


In order to protect your fingers, we recommend using our 100% bio-degradable bags as these are specifically designed to be larger and better fit for the pooper scooper.

Dog Poop Scooper - Which size is for You

Doggy’s Extra Poo Bags Features

  • It is a compostable dog poop bag. Decomposition takes three to six months. That's a lot faster than synthetic alternatives, which can take hundreds of years.
  • There will be no leakage. There was no tear. Do you need proof? Fill the bag with water. It's not going to get through. As a result, poop and even germs will be unable to pass through.
  • It's easy to tie the bag shut to avoid unwelcome leakage.
  • It's thick enough that you won't feel the heat.
  • smells are locked in
  • Germs cannot pass through plastic because they are made up of many molecules that are all bound together, leaving little space for them to cross.

How long do dog poop bags last?

With our poop scoopers, DryPaws includes one roll of doggy poop bags. It's simple to use. These bags are composed of biodegradable material and are therefore environmentally friendly. They've been developed to be larger and more comfortable for the scooper. The bags are designed in such a way that germs cannot get through them. Not only are these bags environmentally sustainable, but they are also safe for humans.