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Foldable, Portable Canvas Puppy/Kitten Play Pen

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Searching for a dedicated secure place for your dog? We Present The Perfect Solution!

It only takes a few seconds for your dog to produce a sloppy mess. If you're lucky, that's the worst that can happen to you. If you are not, your puppy may cause damage to your home or goods, or worse, it may injure or become lost. Puppy playpens are an excellent tool for keeping your puppy safe, entertained, and where he or she belongs—with you!

Foldable Dog Playpen

Safe Playpen Habitat For Large-Sized Dogs

Dogs are upbeat and enjoy playing. However, this might be difficult at times. They are capable of destroying your home. But you can't criticize them since they're so cute! As a result, a playpen can be beneficial. There are two sizes available. Choose the one that is suitable for your dog. Check that it can move about freely in the pen.

Foldable Dog Playpen

Lightweight, Flexible, And Portable

Do you travel frequently? It only takes seconds to put up the Dry Paws portable pop-up playpen. This playpen is lightweight and portable, providing your dog with a safe haven wherever you go. It's a playpen that folds up. As a result, it won't take up much space in the vehicle. It comes with a handy carry bag and folds up quickly.

Foldable Dog Playpen

Great For Indoor & Outdoor Use

The Dry Paws puppy playpen is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. Puppies and dogs of all sizes are welcome. The roof is removable for easy access, and mesh windows allow for circulation. There are two storage pockets and velcro straps to keep your pet's entrance open. Please look at our pet-friendly products and place your order as soon as possible.

Foldable Dog Playpen

A Perfect Tool For Training

Do you want to train your puppy? Then this playpen will come in handy. For example, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, he will require proper training to stay away from you. You can do this in the playpen. Obviously, consult your veterinarian before beginning any training.

Foldable Dog Playpen

What is a Pet Playpen?

In terms of keeping your puppy contained, a playpen for puppies works similarly to a dog crate. Unlike a crate, though, it gives them plenty of areas to move around and play. So your dog may wander and play safely in a dog playpen while you're working around the home. DryPaws' Playpen is made of water-resistant fabric and features a mesh canopy and a retractable foundation.

Why Do You Need a Playpen?

The pen is movable, so your puppy may have its own space wherever needed. Outside, the enclosure offers a secure environment for a puppy or dog. Pens are small and easy to use, making them excellent for traveling in small areas. The area in the pen could be beneficial to a healing dog that needs to be isolated while healing from surgery or an illness.

Foldable Dog Playpen

Pet Playpen for What Type of Animals?

Dry Paws offers two different sizes of the playpen. For your small or medium dog, you can choose from various options. However, if you have a giant dog, you should avoid using a playpen. Because it is tiny, it has the potential to suffocate him. Make sure your dog has enough room in the pen. Check to see if he can correctly stretch, walk, lie down, and stand.

Foldable Dog Playpen

Foldable Playpen for Dogs - Safest Play Area for Puppies

Dry Paws portable pop-up playpen only takes seconds to set up and provides a safe a comfortable play area for your furry friend. The pen is great for indoor and outdoor use and comes with a useful carry bag for easy travel. Suitable for puppies and small dogs of all sizes the play area has mesh windows for airflow. Also includes useful two storage pockets and velcro straps to hold the door open for your pet.

Foldable Dog Playpen

Foldable Pet Playpen Features:

  • Safe playpen environment for large-sized dogs
  • Great for indoor & outdoor use, lightweight, flexible and portable
  • Comes with convenient carry bag, folds away easily in seconds
  • Water-resistant canvas material with removable mesh roof.
  • Useful storage pockets for water & more

Foldable Dog Playpen


The Dry Paws puppy playpen is perfect for both indoor and outdoor fun, and it comes with a handy carry bag. Dogs of all sizes, including puppies, are welcome. The base can be removed for easy access, and mesh windows allow airflow. There are also two storage pockets and velcro straps to hold your pet's entrance open. Please look at our pet-friendly merchandise and make an order as soon as possible.