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Pet food Slow Feeder

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Keep Him Busy While Feeding

Without a doubt, our dogs enjoy food! But do you have a feeling your dog eats a little too much? Is she wolfing down her food as if it were her last? They can benefit from eating from a slow-feeder dog bowl. These bowls have a strange appearance, but they perform an excellent job of slowing your dog down while she eats.

Dog Slow Feeder Bowls - What Exactly is It?

Dog slow feeder bowls are food bowls with a slew of obstacles built into them. These slow feeders are made of a range of materials, ranging from brightly colored plastic to stainless steel, and present several hurdles for your dog to overcome in order to get the food.

They employ ridges and other lumps and bumps that your dog must navigate around to eat. Some resemble little labyrinths, while others resemble games or riddles, yet these bowls can aid in the prevention of significant medical disorders.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Reasons to Use One

The slow eating dog bowl will help keep your dog from overheating, preventing canine obesity. The bowl by DryPaws has some amazing features; such as:

  • Various built-in features keep your pet healthy and busy for hours, such as raised cone barriers that prevent your pet from overeating. It's even more convenient with the removable, easy-to-clean insert.
  • The slow feeder bowls are composed of PP resin, which is long-lasting and recyclable.
  • The raised parts aren't too high, and the gaps aren't too small, making it easier for the dog to obtain the food.
  • The PP coating makes cleaning easier, and the unique design pushes any amount of food further, allowing the dog to feel full on a smaller amount of food. It is also top-rack dishwasher safe.

Why is a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Important?

One of the most obvious advantages is that slow feeder dog bowls slow your dog down while eating. The blockages in a slow feeder make eating more difficult, so your dog takes longer to eat.

However, there are some additional benefits:

Less Likely to Choke: Slowing down the eating process reduces the possibility of your dog choking on her meal. It allows her to chew the food before swallowing it.

Improved Digestion: Some dogs eat so quickly that they may vomit afterward. These bowls allow your dog to properly digest her food, ensuring that she receives the necessary nutrients and is less prone to vomit after eating.

Portion Control: Because your dog takes longer to eat, she will feel fuller when she is through. The faster you eat, the more probable it is that you will feel hungry when you finish your meal.

Changes in Eating Habits: Your dog may have developed the habit of wolfing down her food due to your other dogs eating from each other's bowls. Or she could be a rescued dog who developed terrible eating habits. The slow eating dog bowls force the dogs to adjust their eating habits without your intervention.
Memory Skills: These bowls not only slow your dog down as she eats but also keep her mind alert. Depending on the bowl, many bowls are designed to make it more difficult for the dog to get at the food. As it turns into a puzzle, this gives very valuable brain stimulation.

Product Features:

  • The Slow Feeder is a dog bowl that will help prevent your dog from eating too much, thereby preventing canine obesity. There are many in-built features to keep the pet healthy and active for hours, like raised cone barriers, which stop your pet from eating too much. The removable, easy-clean insert makes it all the more convenient.
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Product Specification:

  • Item Type: Food Storage
  • Volume: 250g
  • Volume: 250ml
  • Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Plastic