Reuseable & Washable Doggy Diapers

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Discover the convenience of Dry Paws Doggy Diapers. Designed for comfort and reliability, these diapers provide a clean and stress-free solution for indoor accidents. Whether your dogs on heat, potty training or managing incontinence, our diapers are the perfect way to keep your home mess-free. Choose Dry Paws for a happier, cleaner pet parenting experience.

Re-useable & Washable Doggy Diapers

Dogs sometimes need diapers just like babies do. This is because they may have a medical condition that makes it difficult to control their bladder or bowels. Many different dog diapers are available on the market, so it's important to find the right one for your pup.

Reusable and washable dog diapers are a great option because they are economical and environmentally friendly. They also allow you to custom-fit the diaper to your dog's body shape. Most reusable dog diapers come with a built-in pad that can be replaced when it gets dirty, or you can use them with additional liners. 

Here at Dry Paws, we have made things easier for you by bringing you one of the best options for your pet.

Re-useable & Washable Doggy Diapers

Made with Premium Quality

Dry Paws are made of soft cotton fabric, are comfortable for your dog to wear, won't provoke their skin, and have high adhesion so they won't loosen or fall off easily. They're perfect for older dogs who experience incontinence.

Re-useable & Washable Doggy Diapers

Environmentally Friendly and Reusable

If you're looking for a dog diaper that is both reusable and environmentally friendly, look no further than Dry Paws. Our diapers are made of a durable, washable fabric and can be reused multiple times. This makes them not only economical but also eco-friendly. Plus, our diapers come in various fun colors and patterns, so your pup can always feel stylish!

Re-useable & Washable Doggy Diapers

Easy Usage

Dogs can be messy creatures, and sometimes they need a little help keeping their mess inside. That's where Dry Paws comes in - a specially designed diaper for dogs that makes clean-ups a breeze. Dry Paws are made of durable fabric and have Velcro flaps to make them easy to put on and take off. They're also adjustable, so you can get a snug fit no matter what size your dog is. So if your pup has an accident, don't worry – Dry Paws will help keep the mess contained!

Re-useable & Washable Doggy Diapers

Highly Beneficial for Female Dog

Female dogs are especially prone to UTIs, which can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to more serious health problems if left untreated. Using a dog diaper can help your furry friend avoid these health issues and stay healthy and comfortable. If you have a female dog who needs to wear a diaper, especially on their period, be sure to choose a high-quality product like Dry Paws Dog Diapers. Dry Paws is made from breathable materials that keep your dog cool and comfortable, and the absorbent core helps keep moisture away from your pet's skin.

Looking for a great, eco-friendly reusable dog diaper? Look no further than Dry Paws! Our high-quality, absorbent diapers are perfect for older dogs who experience incontinence, and they come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Plus, our diapers are easy to use and make clean-up a breeze. Keep your home clean with Dry Paws!

What is a Reusable Dog Diaper?

Humans aren't the only ones who use diapers😄. In truth, dog diapers can be necessary and beneficial to pet parents when dealing with incontinence, a dog going into heat, or behavioral concerns. Except for a slit for the dog's tail, dog diapers are essentially identical to baby diapers. There are many disposable, reusable, and DIY dog diaper choices available. All of them will aid in the containment of messes, while some are more convenient to use than others.

Reusable Dog Periods Diapers - Designed for Satisfaction

Our Dry Paws washable and reusable doggy diapers are designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes.


Whether your pet is in heat, or your new puppy isn't house-trained you can be sure that Dry Paws has you covered. Keeping you accident-free...


Otherwise, your pup's next accident might just need a hose...  🤢
Our re-useable dog diapers are designed to catch poop and mess when your furbaby is on heat.

When paired with our diaper inserts they're unstoppable and super absorbent!



    • Eco friendly
    • Superior comfort & fit
    • Super absorbent
    • Washable & reusable.
    • Slip and velcro quick fit



    Dog Diapers Sizing Chart

    Please measure your furbaby's waist for the best fit. 

    Material: Cotton Blended

    Colour: Blue, Pink, Army Green, Black

    Why use Dog Diapers?

    Dog diapers have generated a lot of discussions. Is it beneficial? Is potty training going to be hampered? Potty training is also something we completely embrace. However, there may be times when they, or you, face difficulties. For example, age or urinary incontinence. Puppies and senior dogs cannot hold for an extended period. As a result, they are prone to accidents. These messes can be avoided with dog diapers. Also, when a male or female dog is in heat, a dog period diaper might be pretty helpful.

    Besides, in these diapers, your pet's butt may look sexy😂😂😂

    Is This Good for Training?

    While your new puppy is learning to house-train, dog diapers may come in handy. Is your dog or puppy partly house-trained but not completely? When it comes to potty training dogs, the diaper is most valuable when they are towards the finish of the procedure. For example, your dog goes potty outside without hesitation and has only one accident each day. However, you'll need to remove the diapers for successful house training and allow him to go outside regularly.

    Or else you might need to wash those diapers more than once😅.

    When You Need a Diaper for Dogs?

    If you feel your dog's incontinence is caused by a physical issue rather than a behavioral issue, the first step is to consult with your vet. If surgery or drugs do not assist, dog diapers will become a daily part of life.

    Older dogs have a more challenging time regulating their instincts, and they may not be able to get away fast enough to prevent messes. In some circumstances, incontinence is exacerbated by cognitive impairment. Although medications can assist, dog diapers may still be required.

    A diaper will keep your house fresher and protect your dog from the constant licking that female dogs in heat are prone to.

    While your new puppy is beginning to housetrain, dog diapers may come in helpful. However, for successful housetraining, you'll need to remove the diapers and allow him to go outside regularly. Or else he/ she might say “Phew! That was a marathon training session, can’t wait for a leak!”😂😂😂

    Why Dry Paws Dog Diapers Special?

    The objective of Dry Paws is to provide environmentally friendly dog products that are pleasant for dogs of all kinds and sizes. That's why we're so happy to be able to offer our reusable and washable doggie diapers. It's more flexible and better fitting. Your dog will be relaxed at all times as a result of this😌. In addition, we provide free shipping and returns. For further details, please check our return policy. Furthermore, none of our products is tested on animals.


    You may relieve a lot of stress by using dog diapers. However, before purchasing one, you should check a few things. The correct size, for example. Make sure you take accurate measurements of your dog's waist. It would be quite painful to wear a tight diaper because it will cause rashes.

    On the other hand, a leaky diaper will not be able to hold any liquid. Therefore, it's crucial to find the right size. Then, enjoy your time with your dog by purchasing from DryPaws.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 106 reviews
    Excellent option for dog in heat

    Our Vizsla pup came into heat at age 7 months. I quickly ordered these reusable doggy diapers and they were excellent! Kept our pup and house clean. Easy to adjust, comfortable fit. Washable and re-usable. Some more absorbent fabric would be ideal (as in re-usable female period pants). You could add disposable sanitary pad if required but we just used for one day max and washed again. Very handy product!

    Shirley Tattam

    Re-useable & Washable Doggy Diapers

    Trish T
    Love Dry Paw Pads. Can be used over and over time and time again.

    The elderly dogs adapted to using the pads so easily and quickly. Easy to clean, they come out of the washing machine clean and fresh. No,odours, no stains. Ready to use over and over again.

    Mel Ryan
    Great product

    I highly recommend dry paws. Although they took a little longer than expected to arrive they were fantastic. They fit perfect and my dog seemed really comfortable wearing them. Easy to wash as well. I also tried disposable diapers which were a waste of money - She ripped them off in minutes … definitely buy these

    Sue Marsh
    So happy

    Great delivery and service. Very happy with the product. Thank you