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Snuffle Mat by Dry Paws

Keeping an overexcited destructive puppy entertained all the time is really exhausting work. Dry Paws™ makes it a whole lot easier, quicker and more effective, less stressful and more entertaining. With our washable and brain stimulating reusebale snufflemat for your furbaby. Playtime is now more exciting with more mental stimulation using natural canine cognitive behaviour training to redirect destructive dogs energy in a positive way.

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Great Mat.

"Our pup loves the snuffle mat. Great way to help keep him busy. It is really well made and looks great too."-

Sharyon Kwan
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Why you & your furbaby will enjoy making playtime interactive and easy with Dry Paws snuffle mat!

🐶 Make treat time more enjoyable & educational by letting show off how good they are at using their nose to find... FOOD! Just like they were born to!

🐶 Redirect destructive behaviour giving a cognitive distraction thelps redirect your dogs energry from chewing your stuff and learn to use their noses to find food instead.

🐶 Help relieve anxiety and stress by activating the part of the brain that's primarily releases dopamine, a chemical important in regulating anxiety. Sniffing can be self-soothing, reduce stress, and focus excess energy into a more calm behavior.

🐶 Save money on treats and slows down eating while learning self control as it's not good for their digestion and they don't know any better. Our puppy snuffle training pad helps make mealtimes or treat times last a ....lot... longer. Helping your fur baby learn some self-control while stimulating their mind.

🐶 Durable, machinewashable, safe, & built to last made from high-quality fabric that is safe and non-toxic, our puppy snuffle training pad is wear-resistant to bites. The design also helps make it easy to clean and completely machine wash and dryer safe.

Why Dry Paw Snuffle Mats Really Work

Dry Paws snuffle mats swept the world by storm and are frequently touted as the 'must have' slow feeder for dogs consuming dry dog food and treats. But what exactly are Dry Paws snuffle mats? Are they suitable for your dog?

Snuffle mats are a form of puzzle toy for dogs. They are intended to conceal dry food, making it even more difficult to consume and motivating dogs to use their nose as hunting abilities to find it. In turn burning more energy through cognitive behaviour and tiring them out much faster while being more enjoyable. The best part is, that means more peace and quiet for you.

Make their new home experience more interesting, rewarding & fun!

Often a dog will chew all of your furniture, clothes and belonings if they’re bored or stressed. 👇

First, dogs use their sense of smell to analyze their surroundings, which is 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than a human's.

If you give a dog spaghetti bolognaise, it can smell every single ingredient in the whole spaghetti bolognaise so there's no wonder everything is exciting during teathing.

Dry Paws snuffle mats are designed to allow dogs to use their noses to assess what's in front of them and focus their curiosity to a special brain training toy while helping reduce anxiety and tension.

Keep your pets' mind pre-occupied while also stimulating them mentally and physically today.

Excellent product!

"My dogs adore these snuffle mats. Hours of fun and so easy to keep clean!"-

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Dry Paws snuffle mat for dogs makes treat time more enjoyable & educational

Dry Paws snuffle mat for dogs makes treat time more enjoyable & educational

Dry Paws™ reusable and machine washable snuffle mates are designed in multi layers that all work together to make it easy to hide treats and fun for your pet to hunt.

Whatever they're detecting in whatever they're eating — socks, underwear, shoes — there's a smell that they're attracted to. Why not distract them away from chewing your stuff and let them use their noses to find food?

Your pup feels super comfortable on our soft, cosy snuffle mat, which can be placed on the floor at home and taken on stressful trips to keep your furbaby comfrotable.

Washable, dryer safe and easy to clean!

Washable, dryer safe and easy to clean!

1. With your fingertips, gently sweep the mat to remove any crumbs your dog may have missed.

2. Wash with a moderate detergent and cold water. Use no harsh detergents, as they can be unsafe for dogs.

3. Tumble dry with a low heat setting is an option or place in the sun.

It is recommended to wash the mat twice a week.

Where & What to Put in a Snuffle Mat?

Where & What to Put in a Snuffle Mat?

Place tasty treats firmly in the fleece on top of the dog snuffle mat. Use your dog's preferred dry treats for the first time. Allow them to sniff around for food. Keep an eye on them to prevent them from choking on the food or the material. In the snuffle mat, you can use nearly any dry dog food. The snuffle mat is not suitable for wet or raw food due to its fabric construction.

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