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Calming Pet Nest

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Does Your Cat Have Trouble Falling Asleep? Then Our Cat Cave Bed is an Excellent Choice

There are numerous factors that can cause anxiety in your cat. For instance, separation anxiety, illness, a new home, a change in circumstances, and so on. Consult your veterinarian if you believe your cat is not sleeping well. You should also make her bed comfy so she can at least attempt to sleep. Our behavioral experts devised this Pawsome Couture bed to increase your cat's quality of life.

calming pet bed

For Extra Warmth And Comfort

Are you fed up with pet hair, spills, and messes on your couch? Australia's luxury cat beds were created with anxiety-relieving notions in mind. It protects your couch, bed, or car while providing a comfortable resting place for your pet.

To suit their individual preferences, pets can curl up in the fuzzy cave or perch atop the mattress. It's made of high-quality fabrics and has a super-soft cushion, so it'll keep her warm and comfortable. In addition, it will make your cat feel less anxious.

Calming Pet Nest

Waterproof, Machine Washable, Non-Slip

Luxury cat beds provide a secure environment that relieves tension and anxiety. The nonslip rubber bottom is watertight. It holds the fluffy dog bed for safe placement on your home's tile and hardwood floors. Machine washable dog bed constructed of the most durable materials and built to last a lifetime. The cat cave bed will keep its shape and soft texture with frequent cleaning and washing.

Calming Pet Nest

 Best Material For The Best Sleep

The washable pet couch bed from DryPaws can improve the environment of your home. The added cushioning in the beds, which are made of 100 percent vegan faux fur, will make your pet feel like they're sleeping on a cloud. This item is made of high-quality Plush, Fleece, and PP cotton. All materials are highly strong, durable, and fully safe for both animals and humans.

Calming Pet Nest

Calming Pet Nest - Reduce Anxiety, Spear Happines❤️️

Reduce Pet Anxiety with our Calming Pet Nest! 💤

This Pawsome Couture bed was designed by our behavioral therapists to improve your cat's quality of life.

The raised walls create a sense of security and help activate the nervous system in a positive way, which then allows your fur kids to calm down faster and relax more easily. 

Being deep in our nest bed results in more effective sleep while helping to ease anxiety and stress. Our soft padded center gives comfortable support while allowing your cat to sink into their safe space.

This is also ideal for any pet who is home alone all day long, shelter rescues, or simply as an awesome soft all-around sleeper! 

Our faux fur imitates their mother's fur promoting them to snuggle and calm down. Cats also love kneading our super soft shaggy 4cm faux fur (vegan).

Calming Nest Size Guide:

Diameter: Suited For:
40cm / 15.5" Kittens
50cm / 19.5" Smaller - Medium Cats
60cm / 23.5" Medium - Large Cats / Small Dogs

Accurate scale

- Calming Pet Nest Beds and Anti Anxiety Pet Beds come vacuumed rolled for cost-effective shipping. Simply shake out the bed on arrival :)

- You can wash it at 30 degrees low spin and low heat in the dryer.

Luxury Pet Sofa Bed - Give Your Pet Something Premium

Your dog or cat will fall in love with this perfectly washable pet sofa bed. Your heart will melt as soon as you watch them curl up in the plush and fall asleep. Your four-legged companion requires a safe, relaxing, and comfortable resting spot to be happy and healthy. That spot should also be attractive and complement your house decor, right? The luxuriously soft faux fur is a fantastic match for your home.

Washable Pet Sofa Bed - Just The Thing Your Pet Wanted

Tired of pet hair, spills, and messes on your couch? The luxury cat beds in Australia were designed with anxiety-relieving concepts in mind. It protects your couch, bed, or automobile while also offering a comfy resting spot for your pet.

  • Depending on their mood and needs, pets can cuddle up in the fuzzy cave or lay on top of the bed.
  • High-quality materials and a super-soft cushion
  • It will provide extra warmth and comfort.
  • It will reduce the level of anxiety.
  • Luxury cat beds Australia is a safe place that reduces stress and anxiety.
  • The rubber bottom is waterproof and non-slip. It secures the fluffy dog bed for worry-free placing on tile and hardwood floors at home.
  • Machine washable dog bed made of the best robust materials and designed to last a lifetime. The cat cave bed Australia will preserve its form and soft texture with regular cleaning and washing.
  • Choose from a color pallet that complements both your pet and your home decor.

Why Choose Our Cat Cave Bed in Australia?

Is it difficult for your cat to fall asleep? Then our cat cave bed is the ideal option.

This piece of pleasure is constructed of premium Plush, Fleece, and PP cotton. All materials are extremely sturdy, long-lasting, and completely safe for animals and humans.

Being deeply ensconced in our nest bed promotes more restful sleep and reduces anxiety and tension. Our softly cushioned center provides pleasant support while enabling your cat to settle into a haven.

This is also great for any pet left at home alone all day, for shelter rescues, or simply as a fantastic soft all-around sleeper!

Why Shop Washable Pet Sofa Bed from Dry Paws?

DryPaws' washable pet sofa bed can enhance the ambiance of your home. Your furry friend will feel like they're sleeping on a cloud thanks to the extra padding in the beds, which are made from 100% vegan faux fur. We provide completely secure online purchasing. Finally, free shipping and returns are available throughout Australia! Any product we've developed has never been subjected to any animal testing. Want something different? Check out the DryPaws brand.