Waterproof, Scratchproof & Nonslip Car Seat Covers

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The material is totally waterproof--no liquid will seep through to harm your seats! If any spills occur, a simple towel will clean it with no hassle. Plus, the Pet Car Seat Protector is remarkably durable and scratchproof, safeguarding your seats from your pet’s claws for years to come. Fear not and enjoy the ride!

Planning For a Road Trip? Enjoy With Your Dog

Having a dog can improve one's mental health. It does, however, necessitate a substantial amount of effort. Keeping your dog happy and safe while keeping your house and car clean can be challenging. Pet scuffs, fur, and drool may all produce a big mess. A car seat cover, on the other hand, can come in handy and rescue the day. DryPaws dog car seat coverings are an amazing choice. So your vehicle seat will appear brand new while your dog is safe.

car seat covers for dogs

Waterproof & Scratchproof Facility

Made of high-quality D600 Oxford fabric, which is used in high-end travel and camping gear for durability and comfort. This pet car seat protector is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and nonslip. Quilted top and rubberized bottom keep your dog from sliding when you brake. Built-in molded seat anchors keep the seat cover in place.

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Compatible with Middle Seat Belt & Armrest

There are Velcro slots for seat belt anchors and two zippers for the armrest and center belt on this cover. Allows three passengers to sit comfortably in the back seat. Leave permanently installed. There's no need to take it out of the automobile.

best seat covers for dogs

Easy to Install & Clean

Install in moments and uninstall in seconds. Tuck the anchors into your seat after wrapping the simple mechanism straps around the headrests. Cleaning is simple with a moist cloth, vacuum, or gentle machine wash. Much more convenient than hammock-style dog car seat covers.

best seat covers for dogs

Suited With Any Car

Scratches, fur, and drool from dogs can all contribute to a massive mess. Car seat covers for dogs, on the other hand, can come in handy and save the day. Our waterproof, non-slip car seat cover is ideal for any vehicle. So, regardless of the vehicle, you may get the cover and enjoy the journey.

best seat covers for dogs

Also Suitable For Kids

Our dog car seat covers to protect your seats from dog scratches, hair and spills while keeping your dog safe and secure. Protect your upholstery against food spills and damage caused by luggage and baby capsules. It can be used as a convenient waterproof picnic mat or cargo cover.

Going for a long drive with your puppy😀😀? And you didn’t consider taking a Car Seat Protector for Your Pet? Well, a dog can improve one's mood. However, it necessitates a substantial amount of effort. It might not be easy to keep your dog joyful and protected while also keeping your home and car tidy. Dogs' scratches, fur, and drool can all contribute to a big mess. On the other hand, car seat covers for dogs can come in handy and rescue the day.

Car Seat Covers for Dogs & Kids

Our dog car seat covers protect your seats against dog scratches, pet hair, and pet messes while keeping your dog safe and secure. Protect upholstery from food dropped by kids and damage from luggage and baby capsules. Can be used as a handy waterproof picnic rug or cargo cover.

Pet Car Seat Protector - Compatible with any Seat

Has Velcro openings for seat belt anchors and two zippers for the armrest and middle belt. Allows 3 passengers to sit safely in the rear seat. Leave permanently fitted. No need to remove it from the car.

Car Seat Covers With Waterproof & Scratchproof Facility

Made from high-quality D600 Oxford fabric as used in quality luggage and camping goods for both durability and comfort. This pet car seat protector is Scratchproof, Waterproof & Nonslip. Quilted top and rubberized underneath which prevents your dog from slipping when you break. Built-in molded seat anchors prevent the seat cover from shifting.

Waterproof Car Seat Protector - Easy to Install & Clean

Installs in minutes and removed in seconds. Snap the quick-release straps around the headrests and then tuck the anchors into your seat. Easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum, or gentle machine wash. Much easier to use than hammock-style dog car seat covers.

Designed to fit all cars


What to Look for in a Pet Car Seat Protector

If you frequently travel with your dog, you are surely aware of how rapidly dirt and dog hair may accumulate in your vehicle. Not only will a pet car seat protector protect your car from the elements, but it will also make driving with your dog safer.

Here are five considerations to make while selecting the best dog car seat cover. Pet car seat protectors are made from a variety of materials. Look for one that satisfies all of your requirements. We develop a list so you may make an informed decision - 

  • Oxford cloth- water-resistant, machine-washable, and comfortable. It will not cause skin irritation.
  • 100% cotton twill - Excellent quality. A waterproof barrier keeps dirt, hair, and liquids out of your leather seats, preventing them from becoming damaged. 
  • Polyester Fabric - It is sturdy. It will be easily compatible with your dog's scratch.
  1. Check the washing directions on the product. It will be a lot less hassle if the product, like DryPaws' dog car seat covers, is machine-washable.
  2. Dogs' water-resistant car seat coverings make the most sense because dogs can be untidy, and liquid spills can occur.
  3. It's preferable to purchase a car seat cover for dogs that fits your car seat precisely. So take your seat measurements and buy the appropriate replacement. The Dry Paws cover fits all sorts of vehicles.
  4. There are various shapes of dog car seat covers available. It all depends on which seat you choose to take.

No. 1 Dogs Car Seat Cover in Australia

Anyone would love to be accompanied by their dogs whenever they go. But that can be messy sometimes for the car. Hence, a car seat cover for dogs can help. There are different seat covers available according to your seat in DryPaws. All of them are made of high-quality products. It consists of five layers which make it more sturdy. Moreover, it is effortless to clean. It can be cleaned with a moist cloth, a vacuum cleaner, or a moderate machine wash.

Pros & Cons

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. We find some of these while using a car seat cover for dogs.



Your car seat will always be clean

If it is not scratch-proof, it can be easily torn off. You can easily avoid this by buying one from DryPaws. 

A waterproof pet car seat protector can protect your seat from dog’s drool

Easily washable cover can save a lot of time and money

Why Trust Dry Paws?

Car seat covers for dogs may be found almost anywhere. We do, however, recommend DryPaws for your pet.

Our five-layered car seat cover is reliable, comfortable, and easy to use. We offer a selection of designs for your convenience. It's scratch-resistant, waterproof, and non-slip. Last but not least, we offer complimentary shipping and returns. Furthermore, none of our products are tested on animals.

Customer Reviews

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William Day
Good product

All good

Miranda Cooke
Great product

Very good quality & protects my car better than previous covers


I am very pleased with my car seat cover. Having just got a new car I was worried that my two Jack Russells would ruin the leather seats. The cover is very high quality, far better than anything I could find in the shops, and it fits the back seat perfectly. It looks smart and totally protects the seats. Postage was very slow but I appreciate that it was during the Christmas rush.

Felix Mathieu
Front seat cover for dog.

Fits and looks good. Strong and does the job. Thanks

Marty McNeill

Waterproof, Scratchproof & Nonslip Car Seat Covers