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5 Reasons Why 30,000+ Australian Dog Owners Are Switching To Dry Paws™

And here are the five big reasons why everyone is finally boycotting disposable puppy pads... and switching to the worlds most durable, high-quality, re-useable accident proof puppy pads by Dry Paws™.

  • STOP that horrible dog SMELL that quickly fills your HOME and NOSE👃🤮 

  • PROTECT your Carpet, Beds, Cars, Furniture & Sofas from PEE INSTANTLY 💦


  •  FORGET worrying about EVER treading in PEE AGAIN! 

  • MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to KEEP your home FREE from nasty ACCIDENTS and STAINS  

You will love potty training with Dry Paws™!

🐶 Super absorbent quilted design for protection from those nasty accidents while stoping leakage, absorbing liquid and trapping odours.

🐶 Strong non-slip bottom giving a secure grip while your puppy handles their business

🐶 Multi-purpose home & car protection which can be placed on the floor, furniture, under food bowls, in the car, crates or their bed.

🐶 Teaching a proper place to go with distinctive patterns and microfibre top layer.

🐶 Machine washable & easy to clean while each pad saves an average of 300 disposable, plastic puppy pads ending up in Australian landfill.

1. Stops your dog peeing EVERYWHERE.

Protect Your Floors, Beds, Car & Couches Instantly With Dry Paws™ re-useable puppy pads. 

Dry Paws™ reusable and machine washable puppy pads are designed in three layers that all work together to stop leakage, absorb liquid and trap odours.

Your pup feels super comfortable on our soft, cosy puppy training pad which can be placed on the floor, furniture, under food bowls, in the car, crates or their bed.

We know Dry Paws™ is the best for protecting your home from those nasty accidents but, did you know that your pup will easily learn to pee on our pads & not blankets or carpets? This is due to our distinctive patterns and microfibre top layer.

Dry Paws™ anti-slip bottom grip is designed to keep your puppys paws in place and in control, keeping them dry and stop tracking wee or mud all over your home... 🤢

Potty training your cheeky fur friend has never been this amazing.

2. Washable and easy to clean!

Most puppy pads that are sold are designed to be only used once, get ripped up and end up contributing to landfill (It's a huge environmental problem). Other brands on the market take twice as long to dry when compared to Dry Paws re-useable puppy pads

Our re-useable puppy pads are completely Machine wash safe and extra-durable. 

Machine wash/dry safe and extra-durable, cleaning this washable pee pad is simple, fast, and effective. More importantly, with regular maintenance, it won't retain odours or stains!

PS. Did we mention each pad saves an average of 300 disposable, plastic puppy pads ending up in Australian landfill.

3. Thousands of raving fans

Dry Paws Re-useable, Accident-Free puppy pads has gone absolutely VIRAL on FACEBOOK. Once quarantine hit, people decided their family needed another addition to the family and Dry Paws offered a super easy, fun and versatile solution to new puppy training. 

Just have 2-4 puppy pads around the home (or wherever else you want to use them. Like your car) and you have the perfect protection from hair, dirt, drool, pee, poo and any other mess your furbaby can think of.

Just ask our fans! They have a lot of fun making some crazy awesome videos with their fur friends and our Dry Paws Puppy Pads.

Excellent training pads

As a breeder I bought these puppy pads with little expectations. I like to start my puppies off with toilet training before they go to their new homes. These puppy pads are excellent. The puppies quickly picked up on where to go to the toilet and I’ll be buying more. I’ve also recommended them to everyone that buys a puppy from me.

Linda Battaglia

Don't know how I went without Dry Paws Puppy Pads

Great quality wash up very well quick service n delivery

Bron W

They also look great!

My puppy loves laying on them, she has never used them for the toilet. Just comfortable for her to lay on on a hot day. We also put one in the car under her travel seat so if she does have an accident it protects the seat. They also look great. Thanks again.


4. Scared to Try Something New?

If you're a dog lover then you will be absolutely hooked on Dry Paws Puppy Pads. 

We're so confident in the durability of our puppy pads we're offering an exclusive 30-Day No Questions Asked Destructive Dog Money Back Guarantee on all puppy pads in your order.

We will replace any pads your furbaby destroys within the 30 day period and that begins the day your pads arrive.

Once you try Dry Paws Puppy Pads today with confidence you will absolutely come back for more!

🏅 Dry Paws™ VS the rest...💩 

5. What else is it used for?

Dry Paws™ multi-purpose puppy pad uses are endless! You might start with puppy training and very soon you will discover just how useful they are during your day to day activites with your pet.

Some things you can do with your washable puppy pads👇

DryPaws™ is also great for protecting crates and carriers during transport, whelping, incontinence (uncontrolled urination), sick/diabetic dogs or cats, protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels and playpens, protecting surfaces post-surgery, placing under food bowls and litter boxes, and for travel with your puppy.

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