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Dry Paws Reviews

Based on 662 reviews
Fantastic product & service

This is a fantastic product- very happy with it & company service👏.

Oversized reusable puppy furniture throw.

Good, does excellent job.
But just too pricey. Also disappointed, offered at lower cost after I purchased it.
Found similar furniture cover that is waterproof and non- slip for less l than $ 50.00, but will continue to compare. Thank you.

Pebbles the greyhound

We have found the dry paws nappy in size medium fits great for our 12 year greyhound Pebbles. We only use it at night time and it keeps her dry and her butt warm as well.

Portable puppy pen

Very happy with the portable puppy pen. So good I bought a second one.

Bathrobe certainly lives up to its name

We purchase these for our water loving retrievers. We left the bathrobes in the car and when we returned it was quick and easy to pop the bathrobes on to the dogs. We were amazed at how much water these absorbed. Instead of having sopping wet dogs shaking water all over the car and then the house, we arrived home with the dogs snug in their bathrobes which were very wet, but no water anywhere else. The dogs loved them and we love them.

I love these pads, so much better than disposable pads.

Great quality product

This pad is so much better than the plastic, disposable ones. Our pup ripped up the plastic ones and swallowed the plastic. This pad is durable, easily washed and so much better for the environment.

Would buy again

Good product. Shipped quickly. Exactly as described.

great product. no more disposable/land fill pads

They are excellent, my dog was train fast

Small Puppy Pad Coffee
Janine Bridge
Puppy pads

I just live them, so much easier.

Calming Pet Bed
Kylie Catley
Calming pet bed

All my puppies love the calming pet bed. It’s easy to clean and the colour is amazing. Def recommend

Pet Air Purifier
Cheryl Collier

Great the purifier works well and get rid of all the cat smell very quickly

My dog loves it.

Dog wash brush

Easy to use. Does clean my puppy well

Nice and dry

These are great bit a little long for my cavalier

We couldn’t live without these reusable puppy pads

We’ve got a senior little lady (18 yo Jack Russell). She’s on fluid treatment for her kidneys, so coupled with her love of drinking water…there are a few accidents at our house each day ☺️. The reusable puppy pads are washed each day (and then dried in the dryer) and they come out ‘as new’ each time. We use them as bedding mats in our little girl’s bed, they are very cosy and comfortable. We couldn’t do without them - we are so pleased not to be using the throw away ones. Ten out of Ten!!!

It works

Great product

Great product

Love the washable pet pad. Bought two use them every day.

Dry paws

Work well when my puppy decides to use them.


Very absorbent & fitted perfect. Would love some bright girly colours

Replacement Warranty (30 days)

Doggie bathrobe/towel

They awesome, my dogs go hydro swimming every Saturday and as it’s winter they seem to not shiver with them on. Quality is great

Reusable Pads

I purchased four of the smallest size to trial in my kitty litter system which uses a disposable pad. The reusable pads are a game changer. I have two cats and change the pad every two days. I rinse in the laundry sink then throw in a hot wash. There is no odour (one of my concerns) and they dry quickly.

My only suggestion would be to make a size that fits in the litter system I use but folding the pad is no issue.

I was also a bit surprised by the packaging. Each pad was individually wrapped in plastic with a compostable sleeve folded over the top. It didn’t make any sense to me.

Reusable Pads

I purchased four of the small pads to use in my kitty litter system instead of the disposable pads they suggest. The reusable pads are a game changer. I find they last two days then require changing. I then rinse in the laundry sink and throw on a hot wash. They also dry very quickly.

My only suggestion would be regarding packaging. I received my four pads individually wrapped in plastic with a compostable sleeve wrapped around each one.