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Dry Paws Reviews

Based on 968 reviews
Nylon Training Leash
Linda Felgate
Nylon training leash

Love the product. Just the right length for my pup. Great colours

Oversized furniture throw and puppy pad

I love it thinking of getting another one

Delivered what was promised

Very good product. Saves me money as a bag of doggy nappies costs me $20 a pop! I just wish they were 60x60 in size but overall highly recommend this product.

Pee pads

I now have two which can be alternated. They are easy to wash and quick to dry excellent now that we no longer have our back yard !!!!🐶

Pee pad

Great quality and prompt delivery

Great idea!

I have purchase two and they’re very good, exactly as they say they are and they dry after washing super quick .. I actually use them for our cat and they’re perfect! Really good quality too.

Small Puppy Pad Coffee
Louise Croker

I bought two purifiers, one was broken straight out of the box, but after contacting Dry Paws I received excellent customer service. A replacement was forwarded and we now have two great little purifiers that I am very happy with.


Use it on my couch stops dog hair getting on cushions

Thank you kindly

They are super absorbent and colourful. May need some more.

Personalized No Pull Reflective Dry Paws Harness For Dogs
Linda Felgate

Great product. Makes it do easy for my dog when walking.

Great buy!

The size is great and my 3 dogs think it is an expensive rug so the gladly use it LOL!

Small Puppy Pad Coffee
Janice Wadwell
Small Puppy Pad

Good product. Absorbent and washable. Good size to fit in puppies crate.


I have had my new adopted pup for 3 months now. She had not been house trained but now we seldom have accidents. These mats are superb. Just pop them in the washing machine and hay presto they are clean. Thanks.

Pet Air Purifier
Kathleen Johnson
Air Purifier

I quite like it. It was way smaller than expected and a bit noisier than I expected, but for the most part it keeps the dog smell in my room down to a manageable minimal level.

Small Puppy Pad Coffee
Frances Mills
Review by Agrippa and Titus

The small puppy pad coffee is nice to sleep on, too.

Absolutely love the products

I have 5 puppy pads which I use for under dogs water, I use them at the door when raining, I use them in the car when I go the vet. They honestly the best things I have used. I also have nappy pants for my 2 girls when they go on heat….absolutely perfect. I have a big blanket which I can also use in the car but mainly use on couch, I wish I could have got a slightly bigger one but nothing wet gets through any of these products. I machine wash and they dry very quickly.

Well worth purchasing!

These Puppy Pads are the answer to toilet training inside.

Easy to just throw in washing machine, dry in good time.

I bought 3 and will be buying more just for throwing in car when going somewhere for indoor visits.

Small Puppy Pad Coffee
Rhonda Chappelow
Staying Dry

Fantastic to use. Keeps smells at bay and floor dry. Easy to wash and clean.

Pee pads

Did not get my little fluff ball until she was 3 months old. Taking her outside every 2 hrs, she has now learnt to go to back door. But when she is in a hurry, she has learnt to use the pee pad and left at home for a few hours, is using the pads successfully!! Throw in washing machine and hang out to dry.

Adjustable Car Safety Belt For Dogs & Cats
Dianne Kinneally
Great pet holder

Works well for pets

Nylon Training Leash
Jo-Anne Curran
Dog harness

Speedy delivery. Very satisfied. Ir looks great on him.

Dry paws

Only got my dog yesterday, and the dry paws l love it. I want need to worry about any puddles great product.

Puppy pads good for cats too

I have an 19 year old incontinent cat that likes to sleep on the foot of my bed. These puppy pads are great for her to use as sleeping mats on the bed or on her favourite lounge chair. They protect the bed but also make her more comfortable at night if she has an accident. I keep a fresh spare pad beside the bed if I need to change hers during the night. Also the small sized pad is a good fit to put in the bottom of her cat carrier if she has a little accident on the way to the vet. The puppy/kitty pads are convenient to use and being washable and reusable are a plus for the environment too.

Puppy Pad

Easy to hose off, then washed in the washing machine. Looks brand new again.
Much easier to have the pups on them that the disposable pads. Will certainly be buying some more.