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Can these be put in a dryer?

Yes, they are able to be put in a dryer. It is suggested to use a lower temperature to help preserve the pad. Air drying is an option as well.

How can I get my dog to use Dry Paws Pad?

The soft material and distinct patten help your dog recognise the pad but some training is required for your dog to know to use the pee pad. If your dog is still a puppy, there are various methods to train her to use the pads. The most common method is to anticipate when the puppy will need to potty (normally 5-10 minutes after a meal) and place her on the pad when she needs to go.

After she does the potty on the pad successfully, reward her with a treat, and use positive verbal cues. It's best to keep the pad in the corner of a room or crate where your puppy will be comfortable. After a couple of times, your puppy should know how to use the pad by themselves.


Can these be used for cats and other pets?

Yes! They can be used to help potty train cats, line crates, or for use with other animals.

Can my pet chew up the pad?

Our pads are designed to be chew resistant. You will find that they are much more resilient to frequent chewing that single-use pads.

What is Dry Paws

Dry Paws is a site for your pets and for you. Your pets deserve the best in comfort and safety and we have made it our mission to bring you just that! We partner with factories who share our values of pet happiness to bring you the best selections, quality products and incredible prices.  


What if I need to cancel or return my order?

You can refer to our return & refund policy under quick links at the bottom of the page! In most cases if you need your order canceled immediately or want to return an item please contact our support team.

Once an order has been passed onto our courier for delivery an order cannot be cancelled or refunded unless products are returned to us. 

Please visit our refund & returns policy before making an order.


How long are shipping times due to COVID-19?

Shipping for AU orders will take 7-18 days - DUE to high volume of orders, COVID-19 Until further notice. For international orders, it depends on the location! Our average delivery time for international orders are 7-18+ days (it could be more or less depending on how your country is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For more information, please visit our shipping policy before making an order. 

Where can I track my order

You can track your order in using the link in your order confirmation email.
"Track your order" section on the menu or by the tracking link sent to you via email.