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Our Story

Melbourne based, Dry Paws was created to help reduce the environmental impact of single-use dog pads and help save you money!


Floyd & Elsa Our Dogs

Mr & Mrs Pee your pants (as puppies) pictured above. 

(Floyd on the right & Elsa on the left).


After our second puppy, we couldn't believe between the two how many pads we went through that were just thrown in the bin or torn to shreds even before being used.

You cant even begin to imagine how bad it got when they had their first litter of pups. There was sh*t everywhere (pardon my french)... So we moved to towels... they got ripped up and destroyed.

That coupled with how ugly and uncomfortable the disposable pads were forced us to re-evaluate how we look at single-use dog pads.

After a little research, we were shocked at the environmental impact single-use pads were having on our planet - that we weren't even aware of!

Diapers take 500 years to decompose in a landfill, though it’s unclear how long puppy pads take to break down, most brands are not biodegradable.

An average puppy who makes the switch to Dry Paws reusable puppy pads can save over 200 puppy pads ending up in landfills per year alone!

Dry Paws are MACHINE WASHABLE and REUSABLE dog pee pads that can be used with almost any indoor pet. Made from high-quality microfibre with a super absorbent 3 layer design, Dry Paws is designed to last over 200 machine washes. The reusable pads are the most eco-friendly way to use train your puppy.