Reusable puppy pads would be a fantastic option, especially now that the world is attempting to reduce plastic. It may be cleaned and reused over 200 times. Where does DryPaws fit into all of this? DryPaws' Large Washable Dog Pee Pads are an excellent investment. You'll need Oversized Reusable Dog Accident-Proof Throw by DryPaws if you wish to maintain your furniture, bedding, and playpens in style.

How to Use Puppy Pads?

Training a puppy or a rescued dog can be a difficult task. Potty training might be the most challenging. But we have to give it our all, right? The saviour could be Large Washable Dog Pee Pads. Place it in a set location where your baby can easily access it. Begin by introducing them to the pad. Bring them over to the pad. Use a specific phrase. If they get it wrong, don't yell or hurt them. The secret to success is patience. When they do it right, praise them and give them food.

large washable dog pee pads

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DryPaws can also be used to secure crates and carriers during transit, whelping, incontinence, sick/diabetic dogs or cats, lining kennels and playpens, covering surfaces post-surgery, placing under food bowls and litter boxes, and travelling with your puppy.

Large Washable Puppy Pee Pads Features

There can be a lot of accidents in the house if your dog isn't trained yet. Pee pads that can be washed can come in handy. So why is DryPaws' Large Washable Dog Pee Pads our favourite item on the market? Here are a few of the product's best characteristics.

  1. Dry Paws' three-layered construction prevents leaks and traps odours. Japanese Bamboo's inner layer is built to withstand yellow stains and reduce odours. In addition, no liquids will seep through with our waterproof PVC mattress shield and non-slip safety coating.
  2. DryPaws is also useful for transporting crates and carriers and protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and filth.
  3. Toss the pad in the washing machine. Get rid of your disposables right now! DryPaws is a great way to save money while also helping the environment.

Reusable Puppy Pads

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Reusable Vs Disposable Puppy Pads - Which One is Better?

Reusable Puppy Pads

Disposable Puppy Pads


Save money by reusing items.

Pick it up and toss it in the trash.

For anti-slip silica gel, it Doesn't move, making things easy for the puppy.


Easy to wash. Machine washable. Hand Washable.


larger capacity for fluids.


Chew Resistant



Can become nasty if not washed regularly. (easily preventable)

It is not possible to reuse. It is not washable.

Expensive. But it is kind of an installment. As it is reusable, durable, you can use it for a long time. 

Can be readily shredded and chewed.


It's easy to move around.


It can't store as much liquid as a washable can.


Harmful to the environment.


There isn't much else to say. According to studies, a single Large Washable Dog Pee Pad can replace 200 or more disposable pads.

How Many Times Can You Wash Reusable Puppy pads?

A pee pad's most crucial characteristic is being washed multiple times. Our Reusable Puppy Pads are a great way to save money. The initial cost may be higher. On the other hand, a single pad may tolerate over 200 washes. If you don't have several furbabies, it can take all day. So, if you ask me, it's a fantastic investment.

How to Wash Puppy Pads?

What makes DryPaws' Large Reusable Puppy Pad our star? Because it can be washed in the machine. This, after all, saves a lot of time and effort. Mix in slightly warm water (less than 30 degrees Celsius) and a mild detergent. Bleach should not be used. The pad should not be ironed. It has the potential to harm the pad. Also, avoid dry cleaning it. You may hang it to dry. And you'd be ready to go.

reusable puppy pads

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Why Do You Buy Washable Puppy Pads from DryPaws?

DryPaws is a platform where you can find high-quality goods at a reasonable price. One of our most popular items is our large reusable puppy pads. We guarantee that it will relieve you of a great deal of stress. Its gentle substance is entirely safe for your infant. DryPaws also provides free shipping throughout Australia. You can also effortlessly return the supplied product if you have any difficulties with it. Check out our other dog-friendly items and place your purchase right now.

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