My dog enjoys going for a ride in the car. Who doesn't, after all? I keep a dog car seat belt in the car with us at all times. When travelling with your dog, the safety of both of you is paramount.

Taking your dog on a road trip can be a lot of fun. However, if you're in an accident and your dog isn't securely fastened, this may rapidly turn into a nightmare.

Your dog could be gravely injured if there is a sudden brake, for example, and your dog is not wearing a car seat belt for dogs. This can be destructive in some circumstances.

There are now a variety of options for securing your dog. Consider a dog vehicle harness, a dog cage, or a dog box.

This article will lead you to everything you need to know about dog car seat belts.

dog car seat belt

Dog Car Seat Belt - Does Your Dog Really Need One?

"One of the first things I recommend pet owners acquire is a car safety belt," says Nicole Ellis, a certified dog trainer and member of Rover's Dog People panel. We're talking about a dog car seat belt, of course.

We find many perks to using a dog car seat belt a lot appealing.

  • Dog car harnesses, first and foremost, keep your dog secure in the car. The harness and leash would reduce the impact on the dog's neck in the event of a collision, lowering the chance of injury to both the dog and the driver. They also keep dogs from falling out the window or jumping out, resulting in serious injury.
  • If you secure him in one spot with a dog vehicle harness, your dog may feel less frightened and more confident while travelling with you. Because they won't be shaking and shifting around as much, it may also assist with car sickness.
  • While driving, many dogs will shuffle around, fall over, or try to crawl into the front seat with you. If the driver's eyes are taken off the road, or their hands are taken off the wheel, this can be dangerous. The driver can concentrate on the road rather than the twitchy dog in the rear seat if your dog is harnessed.

Dangers Your Dog Faces without a Car Seat Belt

Whether you're transporting your dog to daycare or a vet visit, knowing how to properly restrain your dog with a dog seatbelt in your car is essential for their safety.

dog car seat belt

It is critical to use proper restraints. Otherwise, a deadly accident could occur. We'll go over the risks so you can be more cautious next time.

  • Dogs can leap out open windows, whether they are excited or anxious.
  • This exposes your dog's face to rocks, dirt, and debris, which can become stuck in their throats or, even worse, in their eyes, causing irritation and harm.
  • Airbags can hurt dogs in the front seat if they are deployed in the case of an accident.
  • Using a rope, such as a leash or a zipline, in conjunction with a dog collar, could result in serious injury in the event of a car accident or even an abrupt stop.
  • After a crash, a loose dog in the backseat can become a dangerous missile, which applies to both small and large dogs.
  • If you didn't use the dog seat belt, your car could be sideswiped, crushing your dog in the gap between the two vehicles.
  • Even though they can't tell us, dogs' eyes and ears can get windburned, and it hurts.

Dog Seatbelt Prevents Distraction, Really?

Driver distraction is reduced with the use of dog seat belts. According to a survey co-sponsored by AAA and Kurgo, over 65 percent of dog guardians participate in distracted driving due to a loose dog in the car.

According to another study conducted by Volvo Car USA and the Harris polling agency, allowing pets to roam free while driving resulted in much more risky driving habits. For more than 30 hours, researchers observed 15 drivers and their dogs see how driving with an unrestrained pet changed their driving behaviour. The report also highlights the dangers that unrestrained pets pose to all humans and canine passengers.

dog car seat belt

Dog distractions cause us to look away from the road, resulting in a major accident or injury. Dog seat belts keep your dog secure while driving, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead.

Distractions associated with dogs as passengers include:

  • Attempts to get out of the car.
  • Barking and lunging at other dogs, cars, or bashing into the glass for no apparent cause.
  • Nervously wandering into the driver's seat.
  • Moving around the car cabin erratically, obscuring mirrors and sightlines.
  • You can't help but look away from the road to observe their adorable—or nervous—antics.

How Do You Choose the Right Seat Belts for Dogs?

Keeping your dog safe and secure in your vehicle is a concern, whether you're driving 10 minutes to the park or eight hours on a trip. A dog vehicle harness can help you and your dog from an accident. But how do you pick the right dog car seat belt?

dog car seat belt

Fitting: Your dog's seatbelt harness should be properly fit to keep them safe. If your dog can crawl out while you're driving, it'll be useless. 

Crash-Tested: Buy a crash-tested dog crash harness. There are lots of seat belts available that are not crash-tested. These won't last long in an accident. So before buying one, check the description properly. 

Fit the car: Not only must the seat belt suit your dog, but it must also fit your car. Some seat belts clip to baby-seat connections, while others attach to rear passenger seat belts.

Another thing to consider is how the dog will respond to the product because, after all, they are the ones who will be using it. The material must be soft and comforting on their skin while also durable.

Do You Know Most of the Dog Seat Belts aren’t Crush Tested?

Most pet owners consider keeping their pets safe in an accident when choosing a crash-tested car harness. A good crash-tested dog harness, on the other hand, will safeguard you and your fellow passengers in your car!

Did you know that an unrestrained 10-pound pet becomes a projectile with 500 pounds of force in a 50mph collision? Or that a 60-pound dog uncontrolled can exert 3,000 pounds of force?

With all of this in mind, you must select a crash-tested dog harness that keeps your pet secure. However, you'll want a harness that is comfortable for your dog, simple to use, has useful functions, and lasts a long time.

dog car seat belt

However, there aren't many crash-tested dog car seat belts on the market. Some companies claim that their product passed the test, yet it does not perform as expected. Because there is no law regarding dog safety, it cannot be effectively maintained. But don't worry; our dog vehicle harness has been crash-tested and is simple to use, comfy, and convenient.

Other Car Safety Options You Can Take Beside Dog Seat Belt

Dogs make excellent car companions—until they want to leap into your lap while you're driving! Even if your dog is content to sit quietly in the back seat, it's a good practice to protect them with a dog seatbelt, just like we people do. The truth is that dogs on car rides are just as prone to injury as humans in the event of an accident. 

There are, however, various options available in addition to a dog seatbelt.

Crate: A strong and padded travel crate that is occasionally fastened to the bottom of the trunk of the back seat for increased stability.

Back Seat Barrier: This barrier separates the front and back seats, preventing dogs from jumping into the front seat or tumbling forward in the event of a collision.

pet car seat covers

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Leash & Zip Line: This will protect while enabling your dog to move around in the back seat by attaching to the car's cargo hooks.

Pet Car Seat Protector:
A car seat developed specifically for pets can keep your tiny dog or cat safe while also allowing them to see the world go by out the window.

Need Crush Tested, Adjustable Seat Belts for Dogs? We Got Your Back

It's a good idea to properly secure your dog with a canine vehicle seatbelt every time you travel. A car harness may save your dog's life in the event of an accident, regardless of where you reside.

dog car seat belt

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Dry Paws offers a variety of colour options for their adjustable, crash-tested dog vehicle harness. Its length can be modified from 45 to 72 centimetres. The fabric is nylon, which is both durable and comfy. It's simple to use so that you can free your dog in an emergency. The product is delivered across the country via Dry Paws. We'd like to assure you that our products are free of animal testing.

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