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Over 30,000+ Happy Customers

Based on 1102 reviews
Dry paws pee pads

An awesome product works really well and now my puppy doesn’t chew them up instead of using them easy to clean and fairly fast drying as well … I would recommend these 💯 percent

Satisfied customer

Prompt delivery and great product

Puppy medium mat

Our puppy uses the pad but isn’t happy when I wash it. Fantastic as she can’t chew the mat


Thank you very happy with my purchase

Re-useable & Washable Doggy Diapers

Reusable puppy pads

These pads are excellent value my 2 miniature Schnauzer puppies use them during the night if they need to go
Before I got these I was buying the disposable type that were useless I was forever mopping the floor and disinfecting. But these extra large pads absorb any urine and no leaks! They are easy to clean and no smell
Thanks Dry Paws for a great product

Reusable puppy pads

These pads are great,soaks up the pee and hides the odour.i got the small but could have done with the next size up as sometimes my ol boy misses.but I have to say it's a great product.

Just a little too big

Groodles have long bodies and slim waists, if we could have longer velcro on the girth, it means that it wouldn’t “dangle'

light weight beach robe

Keeps doggo warm after a swim, Medium size perfect fit for a 22kg female Vizsla

Great product I will be getting more.

Puppy Pads

Fast delivery. Puppy pads are easy to use and wash


Easy to wash. Non skid. Range of colours and patterns. Recommended.

Great product! Very absorbent, dries quickly.

Took a day or two using the disposable pads over the top to get my doggo to realise what it was for but they are a great product. Very absorbent, dry quickly and look cute too. Delivery was super quick & i feel better about not using disposable pads. I was surprised at the 3 layers of packaging for something environmentally friendly though. Would totally recommend!

Bathrobe for dogs

Hi there, while I havnt actually used the bathrobe yet, I am happy with the price and quality, and am ensured by a friend that it works well

Reusable puppy pads

These are a fantastic product for toilet training your puppy, they are very good quality, well made and wash up great.

Small puppy pads

I use mine under their food and water bowls. It's great, fit keeping areas clean

Love Dry Paw Pads. Can be used over and over time and time again.

The elderly dogs adapted to using the pads so easily and quickly. Easy to clean, they come out of the washing machine clean and fresh. No,odours, no stains. Ready to use over and over again.

Fantastic dry paws pads

Wish I had known about these BEFORE I got my puppy. By the time the postal service delivered them(I got a 4 pack of medium pads) I had gone through so many disposable ones. Not only do these dry paws keep my puppy dry and comfortable all night in his crate , but he lets me know before he needs to go to the toilet. Even he wants to stay dry!
I can’t recommend them enough. I have had them for one week already and my 11 week old Jack Russell puppy has stayed dry whilst using them.

Puppy pads

They are great, highly absorbent and so easy to throw in machine to wash and clean.

Mesh safety barrier

Perfect size and product to protect our tv foxtel boxes from the new puppy

Dog bathrobe

Monty LOVES his bathrobe
We’ve used a dozen times already.
This pic is the first time we used it. It was a cold windy Melbourne day and we’d just been to the beach so we think he appreciated it

Great Product

Great product, already has done its job protecting furniture from accidents and easy to wash and dries fast.

Puppy pads

I bought the larger sizes for my litter of 14. They work well easy to clean and dry. I have several of them so everything is clean

Small Puppy Pad Coffee
Karen Canterford
Fab product for home and travel

We have 2 protector pads and 2 chair covers. Both are fab as they are non-slip on under side and on top. So don't slide off the couch or chair and she doesn't slip when she jumps up. Light weight and fold small for travel. Wash and dry really well. Peace of mind for us for our older dog. We are calmer for it if she has an accident
Big thumbs up 👍

Small Puppy Pad Coffee
Carolyn Fintelman

I love the washable puppy pee mats, they are so easy to use, shake any ‘solids’ off outside or into the toilet, wash and quickly dry outside in the sun. They don’t slip and slide on the floor and my girls like to use them rather then play and shred them like they do other pee mats.