Oversized Reusable Accident-Proof Dog Furniture Throw & Puppy Pad

Keep your floors, bed and lounges well protected while you go to work or throughout the day at home. It's easer to train your puppy with Dry Paws knowing your home is safe from hair, dirt, stains, drool and those nasty accidents. Easy to wash and extremely practical.
$50.00 USD
Why you and your furbaby will love protecting your home from nasty stains with Dry Paws™

🐶 Super absorbent form shaping design for protection from those nasty accidents without the need to keep a close eye on your furbaby at all times.

🐶 Strong non-slip bottom giving a secure grip while your best friend jumps on or off the furniture, car backseats or space being protected.

🐶 Multi-purpose home & car stain protection which can be placed on the floor, furniture, play pens, under food bowls, in the car, crates or their bed.

🐶 Super soft comfortable top layer so your pet will just love the freedom you give them on your couch.

🐶 Machine washable & easy to clean while each pad saves an average of 300 disposable, plastic puppy pads ending up in landfill.

Did we mention it's great for families with young childen, clumsy teenagers and adults who just love to eat infront of the TV or those beer+wine connoisseurs.

Why not keep one handy stowed away in your car?

Protect upholstery from food dropped by kids and damage from luggage and baby capsules. Can be used as a handy waterproof picnic rug or cargo cover too.

Sometimes you need to throw your furniture away 🤮 .... for all those who don't want to waste time & money, you need Dry Paws™ oversized accident proof furniture blanket to protect your furniture today!

Worried your dog is too destructive?

We're so confident in the durability of our puppy pads we're offering an exclusive 30-Day No Questions Asked Destructive Dog Replacement Guarantee FREE on all puppy pads, oversized throws and dog towels in your order.

We will replace any pads your furbaby destroys within the 30 day period that begins the day your pads arrive.

Try our puppy pads today with confidence.

Protect Your Home, Car & furniture

Put it on your sofa, your bed, in your car or anywhere else and your best friend will happily lay on the soft, microfibre accident-proof mat. You'll have peace in mind that if they have an accident while you're not looking... your home is safe.

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Free 30 Day Returns
Destructive Dog Guarantee

Dry Paws Oversized Furniture Blanket & Puppy Pads

Have a dog but you're tired of your furniture getting hairy, dirty, smelly or worse.. Destroyed? Don't worry we've got you covered (pun intended).

Protect your furniture, bedding, and playpens from hair, dirt, drool, and those nasty yellow accidents... 🤮

All while your best friend sleeps in comfort then you need to cover your sofa and floors with our oversized re-useable pet accident-proof throw and puppy pads.

1. Super absorbent form shaping design

We've specially designed your dogs furniture throw to lay neatly over anything you place it over for protection from those nasty accidents without the need to keep a close eye on your furbaby at all times.

2. Strong non-slip super grip bottom

Designed to stay in place with a secure grip while your best friend jumps on or off the furniture, car backseats or space keeping it protected at all times.

3. Super soft absorbent comfortable top layer

Crafted with you and your pets comfort in mind. Our super soft material so your pet will just love the freedom you give them on your couch.

Breeders Choice

Stop destroying surfaces by using old towels, recycled newspaper that soak through or expensive wasteful disposable pads that don't stay in place and give your newborns a softer, cleaner, safer, dryer welcome that's free from harmful plastic. Dry Paws whelping pads are washable and reusable for up to 300 cycles. Best of all, washable puppy pads give mom and her newborns the traction and comfort they need.

Just as humans love to be comfortable, so do dogs.

Dogs love to be in places where they feel safe, comfortable and loved. They also love to be where their owners are.

Dogs know the couch and all other furniture are reserved for humans and they're also intellient enough to understand humans find those items sacred and comfortable.

Your dog will feel safe on the sofa with you building a stronger bond. Trust us that little extra freedom feels so good for your fubabies well-being when they see you trust them enough with Dry Paws™ added protection from stains!

For dogs of all ages (and other animals) post surgery, puppy training and the Netflix binging sofa loving fur member

See how Dry Paws helps your fur baby's experience become stress and stain free while keeping them cosy with Dry Paws oversized accident proof furniture throw.


"I love the protection pads I have bought about 6 in total i first got them for my 16 yr old dog as she had trouble with moving and controlling her bowels. but now i use them for the puppies ( newborn) pen"-

Simone Milano

Make their new home experience comfortable & safe!

Often a puppy will chew their pee pads if they’re made from plastic, flimsy thin material making them light weight enough to move or tear to shreds with their nails while in use. If it's not from Dry Paws™, be very cautious of the dangers below from plastic disposable puppy pads or cheap imitation products on the market 👇

First, puppy pads are designed to be super absorbent. So, the materials that get into their stomach might absorb fluids, expand, and get stuck in the intestines.

There are also risks caused by the special substances in the puppy pads. They may contain grass scent, ammonia, and pheromones.

All Dry Paws™ pads are designed to be extremely durable, heavier and stay firmly secured with our anti-slip bottm while also minimising harmful dangers that single-use, plastic puppy pads pose to your new family member.

What is Dry Paws™ oversized accident proof furniture throw?

Dry Paws™ oversized pet furniture throw is an extremely comfortable, super soft multi purpose pet pad alternative to the ugly single-use puppy training pads.

Our oversized throw is extra large and designed protect larger areas while also easier to be thrown over objects for that little extra protection.

Softer, bigger and super absorbent while setting firm boundaries.

Protect large areas, furniture, bedding, and playpens in comfort while using the throw as a safe space for your furbaby to rest.

The best part is, our oversized puppy pad and throws teach your furbaby firm boundaries.

You'll see their excitement when the throw comes out, so they can join Netflix n' Chill in comfort and watch them understand to stay off the couch when it's put away with little training.

Washable and easy to clean

All Dry Paws™ puppy pads and oversized throws are completely machine wash/dry safe. They're designed to be extra-durable, cleaning this washable pee pad is simple, fast, and effective.

More importantly, with regular maintenance, it won't retain odors or stains!

Click here to learn how to keep your potty pads from smelling

Looking for our smaller pads?

What else are they used for?

Dry Paws™ is also great for protecting crates and carriers during transport, whelping, incontinence (uncontrolled urination), sick/diabetic dogs or cats, protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels and playpens, protecting surfaces post-surgery, placing under food bowls and litter boxes, and for travel with your puppy.

Eco-friendly alternative to single-use dog pee pads

Our Reusable, Washable Puppy Pads are better for the environment and they will also save you money in the long run.

Each puppy on average goes through a minimum of 300 puppy pads through their training period.

As a result, millions of kilograms of plastic have ended up in landfills since puppy pads came onto the market. Dry Paws reusable washable puppy pads is a ZERO WASTE solution to this problem.

Customer Reviews

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versized Reusable Accident-Proof Dog Furniture Throw

Absolutely brilliant. I use them to cover all my sofas so no accidental scratches. Easy to dust off dog hair. Keeps the sand and dirt off car seats.
I love it. I have a few of them now.

Meegan FitzGerald
Top quality

Look no further for the best way to dog proof your couch. Stays in place well is washable and feels comfortable to sit on. Whole family happy. Quality product. Thanks


Absolutely awesome snowy loves it


Great for my couch, so good i ordered a second for the bed


Durable & does the job

World's best solution to flimsy, single-use puppy pads.

Comfortable, absorbent & odour controlling accident-proof Puppy Pads.

Durable, machine washable, and designed to handle WHATEVER your fur baby throws at it. Saving you a lot of time cleaning up, allowing you to enjoy your new puppy while doing it all single-handedly!  

Let your fur-baby sit with you in confidence, anytime and anywhere!